1. Horses must be a minimum age of 5 years to compete in any of the distances.

    2. It is advisable to have horses shod for the ride.


    1. Child Rider (children are allowed to ride unaccompanied in the year that they turn 12 years of age.

    2. In the year that a child turns 14 up to 21 years – Young Rider

    3. A rider, when turning 14 years of age, can choose to ride either in the Junior Young Rider category, or as a Senior Rider.

    4. From 21 years – Senior Rider

    5. From 95kg – Heavyweight

Seniors who ride 40km or more must weigh in at 70kg, with riding gear.  Please be sure to present your saddle and tack for inspection.

Non-members are only allowed two 40km rides at club rides without membership.

Special allowances will be made for foreign riders.

Riding gear must include a hard hat, safety stirrups, or shoes with a heel. 

No rider will be allowed to compete without these. FEES APPLICABLE40-60-80km – N0.00 Entry Fee

Contact AB van Wyk for Camping and for other accommodation at neighboring guest farms

Accommodation is available for visiting riders from The Netherlands.

Bring own paddocks along or contact AB van Wyk regarding other stabling.


Friday 30th september 2011

13:00 - 17:00 Registration
14:00 - 17:30 Veterinary inspections

18:00 – Rre ride meeting

Dinner – Dinner for sale immediately after pre-ride meeting

Saturday 1th oktober 2011

05:00 – coffee and rusks will be available free of charge
08:00 – Food and drinks will be for sale
19:00 – Prizegiving
Dinner for Sale will be a “Spit Braai”.

Ground Jury           - Annette Hanekom and Peet Harmse
Chief Steward       - Annette Hanekom
Timekeeping         - Hester Lessing
Starter/Announcer - Peet Harmse.
Veterinarians         - Drs B Voigts and S Sajeni.

Peet Harmse  
Mobile: +264-811272015


AB van Wyk
Mobile: +264-812798858